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New Background Search Procedures were implemented on July 14, 2020.  Please read below before proceeding to your background search submission.


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Terms & Conditions

Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), as a charter member of US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer Association, is obligated to conduct and monitor a risk management program in Illinois. In compliance with these national policies, the IYSA adopted IYSA Rule 019 that requires all persons aged 18 years and older that have direct contact with minors in IYSA affiliated programs to submit to a background search. Our online background search management company is JDP via the Player’s Health platform. In order to do an accurate background search, the IYSA must collect certain personal information including, but not limited to, your first and last name, date of birth, residence address, email address or other contact information, and your social security number. If the search reveals a criminal history record and the IYSA cannot determine if the criminal history record belongs to you, the IYSA will order a name and address history which is done by using your social security number. The social security number is truncated when entered on the application. In addition to your social security number, this second step may require additional identifying information including a valid photo id or other documents to help us confirm or eliminate a criminal record match. If the IYSA is not able to eliminate a criminal record match or if you want to dispute your background report, you will need to contact JDP directly.  You will not be approved to participate in IYSA affiliated programs until you pass our background search. The cost of the background check is $18.00. Please note: no refunds will be issued.


Illinois Youth Soccer Association does not disclose, market, sell or otherwise disseminate the information provided in the IYSA Volunteer Application/Disclosure Statement/Consent for Background Check.


Player’s Health provides the background check application, administration management tools, and a transmission interface between the IYSA and the consumer reporting agency, JDP.


Player's Health Security & Privacy Policy

PII is not stored on the Player’s Health platform. For information about JDP’s security and privacy policy please visit their website HERE for more information. 

Please note that background searches can take up to 7 business days to clear.  If it has been 7 days since you submitted your background search application and you have not heard, please contact Player’s Health at


Who to Contact

Issues accessing SafeSport training via Player’s Heatlh:

Phone: 612-345-9683



Questions about the results of a completed background screen:

Phone: 855-940-3232



General administrative questions about Player’s Health access:

Phone: 612-345-9683


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