Fall 2017 State Premiership Registration Open
12U Girls and 15U Boys Added For Fall Season

Illinois Youth Soccer started the State Premiership Division in Spring 2013 with support from our competitive member leagues. This exclusive competition was designed to give elite teams that are registered with Illinois Youth Soccer competitive member leagues the opporutunity to compete against other top teams in the state: 

To be considered for the Fall 2017 State Premiership Division, teams MUST be registered with an Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive league:

Since its inception, the State Premiership division has boasted:

  • 198 MRL Teams
  • 25 MRL Champions
  • 1 US Youth Soccer Regional Champion
  • 7 State Cup Champions
  • 13 State Cup Finalists,
  • 16 State Cup Semifinalists
  • 4 US Youth Soccer Midwest Presidents Cup Champions
  • 13 Illinois Presidents Cup Champions

The State Premiership Division is designed for top-level teams to compete against other elite clubs. Additional Benefits for teams that participate include:

  • Self scheduling
  • Games can count toward State Cup/MRL
  • Top referees
  • Club pass system
  • Marketing & advertising benefits


  • Addition of the 12U Girls Age Division
  • Addition of the 15U Boys Age Division - This division will solely provide  teams impacted by the US Soccer mandated age group change a playing opportunity.  THERE WILL BE NO PROMOTION FOR SPRING BASED ON THE FALL RESULTS
  • All teams now pay referees at the field: $80 for 13U and older, $60 for 12U
  • With the change to State Cup seeding, Girls State Premiership Chicagoland Champions will no longer receive a seed directly into group play but will be guaranteed a a maximum of a 1-game play-in to get into group play.


Girls State Premiership  Chicagoland Division Details & Registration

  • 2006 Girls (12U) 9v9
  • 2004 Girls (14U)
  • 2003 Girls (15U)
  • 2002 Girls (16U)
  • 2001 Girls (17U)
  • 2000 Girls (18U)
  • 1999 Girls (19U)

Boys State Premiership Chicagoland Division Details & Registration

  • 2006 Boys (12U) 9v9
  • 2004 Boys (14U)
  • 2003 Boys (15U)

State Premiership Central / Southern Division Details

  • 2006 Girls (12U) 9v9
  • 2006 Boys (12U) 9v9
  • 2004 Girls (14U)
  • 2004 Boys (14U)
  • 2002 Girls (16U)
  • 1999 Girls (19U)