ODP Pick-Up Sign

IYSA will follow the standard school exit/pick-up policy.  Let me know what you think.

1.     The cars will line up next to the sidewalk at the designated pick-up time. 

2.     Each car must display the ODP sign with the name and birth year of their child.

3.     Only cars with signs will be announced to the players.

4.     Players will exit the building and go immediately to their car.

5.     Any car without a sign must line-up at the end.

This sign is required for all ODP players who are being picked up. If you drive yourself, you do not need to have this sign. Please make sure sign is posted on your windshield. 

Car Pick-Up Sign

Facility Entry/Exits

For those training at Sportscore Two please be aware of the entry and exits for the facility.


2020-21 ODP Weekly Newsletter

Every Wednesday we will send out a reminder newstetter to all ODP particpants. If...

Olympic Development Program

Olympic Development Program