Fall 2020 Presidents Cup Reschedule Details: 15U-19U Girls

Rescheduled Fall 2020 State Cup & Presidents Cup Brackets

Brackets show match-ups / Schedules show dates, times & locations
All subject to change

Updated 2/24    
2006 (15U) 15U Girls State Cup Bracket 15U Girls Presidents Cup Bracket
  15U Girls State Cup Schedule 15U Girls State Cup Schedule
2005 (16U) 16U Girls State Cup Bracket 16U Girls Presidents Cup Bracket      
  16U Girls State Cup Schedule 16U Girls Presidents Cup Schedule
2004 (17U) 17U Girls State Cup Bracket 17U Girls Presidents Cup Bracket
  17U Girls State Cup Schedule 17U Girls Presidents Cup Schedule
2003 (18U) 18U Girls State Cup Bracket ---
  18U Girls State Cup Schedule  
2002 (19U) --- 18U/19U Girls Presidents Cup Bracket
    18/19U Girls Presidents Cup Schedule
2001 (20U) 20U Girls State Cup Bracket  
  20U Girls State Cup Schedule

Event Resources

Important Dates

  • February 8: 16U-20U Registration Deadline
  • Februay 18: 15U Registration Deadline
  • By March 14: Play-In Games 1
  • By March 21: Play-In Game 2
  • March 26-28: 15U Play-Ins & Quarterfinals and 16U-20 Quarterfinals & Semis
  • April 2-3: 15U Presidents Cup Semis & Finals, 15U State Cup Semis and 16U-20U Finals 
  • June 17-21: US Youth Soccer Midwest Presidents Cup: West Chester, OH
  • July 7-11: US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup: Des Moines, IA


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